Chris The Lost Kid

An educative game to help kids learn about cities and countries all over the world.

Chris The Lost Kid is a fun and exciting game designed to help kids aged between 4 and 11 develop their knowledge of continents, countries and cities all over the world. Using game-based learning designed by education experts, Chris The Lost Kid helps players to build their knowledge and interest in geography. This is a modern approach of learning proven to yield improved results quicker than traditional methods. Chris The Lost Kid is an educational game that is fun to play.


This fun game although designed with kids in mind, also appeals to all ages who are keen to bolster their knowledge of cities around the world.


After each game, the score achieved is displayed. Stars are used to reward players as they progress through the three difficulty modes. There is also the ability to earn coins which can be used to unlock other locked content.


About the Game
Chris is a charming kid who lives on a beautiful farm with his friends. Chris has gone for a long walk, and lost his way back to his farm. The aim of the game is to help Chris find his way back to his farm by directing him through the right cities.


• 6 different continents
• Over 300 cities
• 3 difficulty modes for all ages to enjoy
• Discover new countries and cities
• Build your knowledge in world geography
• Track your progress and best scores
• Quick play
• Option to reveal answer with your coins
• Includes bonus level
• Fun and engaging – collect coins as you play

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