About us

Hello, we are NYANSA.

A team of passionate inventors, creative designers, strategists, software developers and producers who work together to bring you fun and exciting games with defined learning outcomes. 


We love making games which challenge critical thinking and develop problem solving skills. And we are pushing the boundaries of how the new generation learns. By working with subject matter experts, we balance knowledge with gameplay to make it easier to retain and recall knowledge. At NYANSA, we believe if we can create engaging and fun games based on meaningful real world problems, we have the ability to leverage an incredible amount of energy and passion to solve the world’s biggest problems. 


We also introduce gamification into serious activities by developing software for public and private organisations. Our applications promote a collaborative eco-system, build greater engagement with employees, change behaviours and transform training delivery. Our solutions engage audiences and enlighten users while measuring competencies and attitudes. By combining gaming mechanisms with cognitive techniques, we are able to create interactivity which goes beyond entertainment.


We just want learning to be fun. That’s who we are and that’s what we stand for; ENLIGHTENMENT.

Our Founders

Joey Antwi- Kusi

Chief Exceutive Officer

Shaun Scoon

Chief Operations Officer

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