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Game Based Learning

Educational games designed to help you learn about a new subject or acquire a new skill as you play. Our interactive games reinforce problem solving and creative thinking.

Defined Learning outcomes

All our games are designed by subject matter experts who combine educational content with fun gameplay to create the best learning experience in which you easily retain knowledge.

We are changing how you learn...

The human brain consists of neurons, which are composed of several parts, including brain fibres. As you learn, these brain fibres grow. The fibres connect your brain cells to one another. The larger your brain fibres grow, and the more brain cells they connect, the more information can be stored in your brain.


But brain fibres can only grow from existing brain fibres. In other words, to learn new knowledge, a person must build on information that is already stored in the brain. We using gaming to build on foundational content  to make it easier to accomplish higher-level learning.

...so you can learn more.

Our games use multiple levels of challenges and compelling storylines so players have heightened intrinsic motivation.


Using authentic game design techniques, we contextualise our games, making them goal oriented and fun. Our players build on experiential learning; learning by doing. This self-reliance and autonomy leads to a greater will to play more and learn more.

And have fun while you do!

Our fun games will allow you to easily learn more about new subjects, cultures and history. They also build on existing knowledge through progressive levels of difficulty.


Learning about the things which matter most doesn't have to be boring. It should be fun and exciting. And that's what we do. We make learning fun; so you can learn more.



Games which improve students' achievements by engaging all learning styles


Interactive games which breathe live into learning and promote a team spirit


Games with visuals and soundtracks for kids to learn through play and experience


Games for people to interact around a common premise of competitive strategy and fun


Fun games perfect for building learning skills and spending quality time together


Desktop App games

Mobile App games

Web based games

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